Our Chief Sustainability and CSR Officer Ms Vaishali Nigam Sinha will be chairing the

"3rd Gender Equality Summit (GES) 2020 tomorrow"

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Key Highlights of GES 2020

Rethinking Value Chains: The Opportunity for Gender Equality

The session aims to gain a perspective of business and social sector leaders on opportunities for creating gender equal value chains. The discussions will focus on distribution and procurement, capacity building, leadership and workplace policies, sectoral-gap and stereotypes that prevent gender parity.

Digital Inclusion & Women Empowerment

India is going through a digital revolution. Technologies, especially internet-based technologies, provide new opportunities for women empowerment and gender equality. However, we must ensure equal access, availability and ability for women to leverage these, so no one is left behind. Experts on the panel will highlight best practices and models of how technologies are being leveraged to achieve gender parity.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Achieving SDG 5

Entrepreneurs play a critical role in experimenting with and implementing disruptive models to bring change. This session highlights the stories of entrepreneurs, who have been pathbreakers in addressing gender equality. The session will also provide an opportunity to discuss enabling environments including capacity building, access to finance and infrastructure, equal business opportunities, building networks, informal sector discrepancies and more.

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