The new logo signifies the company’s evolution, in seven short years, into one of India’s largest companies in the renewable energy sector.Currently ReNew Power has more than 3500 MW of commissioned and under construction green energy assets.
The new brand identity resonates with ReNew Power’s expertise in clean energy solutions, and its capabilities and aspirations for the future. This logo captures ReNew Power’s business focus, and what the company stands for, in the eyes of its employees and its stakeholders.


“The new brand identity reflects the company’s growing stature and scale, and our aspiration to become a market leader in the rapidly growing clean energy and sustainability space. It signifies our commitment to preserving the earth’s natural assets, while striving to meet its future energy goals. As we embark on the next phase of our company’s evolution, we needed an identity that reflects our achievements, and is in sync with the changing times. However, the core of ReNew Power remains intact. The new logo is an evolution of the existing one.”

Sumant Sinha
Chairman & CEO, ReNew Power

Inspiration for the new logo


The styling of ReNew’s new logo is inspired by nature. The identifier of the logo is the letter ‘e’, which is illustrated by integrating the shape of a leaf with dynamic moving elements that signify ‘energy’, ‘earth’, and ‘growth’ – the three things that are at the core of ReNew Power’s business and social objectives.