We are committed to the environment and to safe work practices to prevent occupational health and safety risks. To effectively manage these goals through the lifecycle of our projects, we are implementing an Environmental & Social Management System (“ESMS”) at both the corporate and project level. The ESMS reflects our view on our environmental, health, safety and social responsibilities, and serves as the framework through which we carry out our comprehensive and organisation-wide integrated environmental commitments, and assess our environmental and social performance against well-articulated goals.


ReNew Power is certified for Integrated Management System (IMS), which include the following International Standards:

Environment Management System

Occupational Health & Safety Management System


ReNew Power is committed to continually improve quality, environment, health and safety performance of its operations. This will be achieved by the involvement of all employees through-
  • Incorporating and maintaining highest standards of quality, environment, health & safety in Selection, Designing, Procurement, Construction, Operations and Maintenance of Projects by allocating adequate resources to manage risks associated with projects across their lifecycle.
  • Commitment to the protection of environment, including prevention of pollution.
  • Establishing QHSE systems and processes in order to adhere and comply with applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements as well as customers’ requirements.
  • Sound Technical & Financial project due diligence with a view to maximise the Return on Investment.
  • Promoting a safe, clean and healthy environment and better work culture in order to prevent injury and ill health arising out of its operations.
  • Effectively improving efficiency in management of resources, material usage and handling of wastes across its operations.