Category: IIT Delhi Distinguished Alumni
Date: 6 Sep 2018

Category: Entrepreneur of the Year
Date: 7 Sep 2018

Category: Hall of Fame
Date: 13th July 2018

Solar Quarter Leadership Awards

Category: Champion of Tomorrow
Date: 25th July 2018


Category: Energy, Real Estate & Infrastructure
Date: 15th February 2018

Category: Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Date: 30 November 2017

Category: Best Wind Developer of the Year
Date: 28th October 2017

Category: Outstanding Startup of the Year
Date: 14 November 2017

Category: Leading RE Developers- Solar
Date: 19 September 2017

Category: Industry crusader of the Year- Sumant Sinha
Date: 19 September 2017

Category: Torch Bearer of the Year
Date: 23 June 2017

Category: India CSR Community Initiative Awards
Date: 26 May 2017

Category: Infrastructure company of the year
Date: 3 March 2017

VCCircle Awards 2017

Category: Business Leader of the year
Date: 9 October 2016 , Vadodara

Switch _Award _2016

Category: Wind Developer of the year
Date: 28 September 2016 , Goa


Category: Project Developer of the year – Utility Scale, Runner up
Date: 2-3 June 2016 at New Delhi


Category: Information System
Date: 10-11 December 2015 at New Delhi


Category: Leading RE Developers – Wind
Date: 22 September 2015

Renewable Energy Awards 2015

Category: Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Award
Date: 12 August 2015 in Singapore

5th Asia Best CSR

Category: Women Leadership Award – 2015
Date: 12 August 2015 in Singapore

5th Asia Best CSR

Category: CSR Leadership Award
Date: 24 July 2015 Taj Lands End, Mumbai


Category: EEF Global Environment Award – Gold category
Date: 23 August 2015


Category: Excellence Award- 2015 in Renewable Energy Sector
Date: 21 August 2015


Category: Renewable Energy Leader of the Year
Date: 24 July 2015


Category: Submitted applications for Zone IV & VI (Gujarat & Karnataka)
Date: 21 June 2015


Category: Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP) Award for Excellence in Renewable Energy project execution
Date: 1 Jan 2015

CBIP awards 2015

Category: Wind Energy Developer of the Year
Date: 13 November 2014

Wind IPP award 2014