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Global Coalition For Net-Zero Emissions is Growing

The world’s most influential businesses are contributing to Net-Zero commitments by by becoming a part of RE100 (100% renewable energy) and sending powerful signals to policymakers and investors to accelerate the transition to Net-Zero by 2050.

Renew Green Solutions (RGS) enables the corporate & industrial sector to make a hassle-free switch to renewable energy. Companies looking forward to strengthen their net zero commitments can opt for a customised green solution to strengthen their ESG commitments & comply with their renewable power purchase obligations.

Join the wave of change with RGS that ensures net zero emissions with round-the-clock power supply facilitate by instruments like vPPA & IREC.

Better Ways To Meet Renewable Purchase Obligations

With the positively expanding list of RE100 companies, your business can be next in the line. Optimize your savings & switch to renewable energy by choosing from our portfolio of customized, RE solutions to decarbonize your grid and contribute to global sustainable development goals.

vppa energy

Green Max

Unlock 100% potential of Green Energy

Virtual power purchase agreements to offset brown power allowing procurement of 100% unbundled green attributes with a low maintenance cost, no physical setup, and immediate installation for a hassle-free transition to RE.

vppa renewable energy

Green Pro

Avail reliable green power, round-the-clock

Innovative open-access solution integrating solar wind hybrid system with upcoming sources of hydro, green hydrogen & exchange to ensure flexible & available power supply.

green energy switch

Green Advance

Generate higher RE units per MW

With open access solution blending wind & solar power, achieve the sustainability goals of your business while locking in maximum savings.

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements in India

Green Touch

Transform with the best of both worlds!

Choose between onsite or open-access for solar and wind solutions to maximize savings & ROE for the whole of PPA years

switch to renewable energy

My Green

Optimise savings & space!

Customised, onsite solar solutions optimizing unused plant space, including rooftops to harness the power of the sun & replace conventional power sources.

Instant Proposal

We have helped in RE adoption for a range of industries. Tap directly into the power of
our solution engine & start your journey towards turning on the #GreenSwitch.

Accelerating Your Net-Zero Corporate Commitments

ReNew Green Solutions (RGS) is the B2B vertical of ReNew Power (Nasdaq ticker: RNW), a leading global renewable energy company steers net-zero carbon commitment for businesses providing customisable green energy solutions.
Reaching a total capacity of 1.65 GW in the FY’2022, it helps the C&I segment of India to profitable switch to renewable energy and enables their contribution to global transition for a carbon neutral society!

Guaranteed Benefits

Customized Solutions

Hassle-Free Transition

Consistent O&M

Global Expertise & Quality

Deep Industry Insights

Powering Businesses

Comprehensive RE solutions commissioned, providing significant savings and scaling up renewable energy through round-the-clock power supply.

1.65 GW
50 +
16 Million Tonnes
of CO2 offset

Knowledge Hub

Deconstructing renewable B2B solutions for you

International renewable energy certificates make borderless energy transitions possible for your business. Read more on our latest blog.

Trusted-By Environmentally Conscious Global Corporates

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ReNew Green Solutions (RGS)


ReNew Power is now listed on Nasdaq as RNW. A landmark achievement as we strive to achieve net-zero targets through #CleanPower

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