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Net-zero commitments and transitioning to sustainable carbon emissions are not only great for the environment but also for your bottom line.
We can help you achieve your sustainability goals and RE100 with renewable energy solutions through a variety of products including solar and wind hybrid system.
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Green Max

Green Max consists of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA) aimed at offsetting brown power by helping you achieve a 100% green quotient with Round the Clock Supply of Power. In this solution, ReNew provides 100% unbundled green attributes requiring no physical setup changes with plants already entering the execution phase. VPPA renewable energy solution makes it a good fit for voluntary or regulatory requirements for switching to RE while also ensuring cost savings. Currently, two solutions are prevalent in this category: International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) and Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), with the regulations surrounding VPPAs still being evolved. With Green Max, you can get started on your #GreenJourney immediately and contribute to the global Net-Zero carbon commitment.


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Green Pro

With Green Pro, ReNew brings cutting-edge open access solutions integrating Wind Solar Hybrid plants with upcoming green sources like hydro/green hydrogen/exchange. With a solar wind hybrid system, the proprietary solution engine ensures the conversion of 80-90% of conventional energy to RE through round-the-clock green energy supply. Using evolved technology for the bundled source (~20-30% component) to provide 100% power reliability and high-cost savings, this solution is specially designed for Data Centers and other businesses with corporate net-zero commitments seeking round-the-clock green power supply to help turn on the #GreenSwitch.


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Green Advance

A hybrid Open Access solution harnessing a combination of wind & solar energy helps you achieve a higher green quotient of around 50-70%. Green Advanced employs ReNew’s proprietary solution engine to optimize RE output through intermittent power reliability. A wind solar hybrid controller maximizes overall cost savings. Green Advanced has recently gained popularity among businesses because of which most states are still in the process of releasing regulation policies around this solution. It is a great companion for those looking to increase their green energy consumption and can take you forward on your #GreenJourney with more benefits.


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Green Touch

Green Touch offers a choice between open access pure-play solar or pure-play wind solutions. This solution powers up businesses by replacing 20-30% of conventional energy consumption with green energy through the intermittent power supply. You also get to enjoy hassle-free compliance with regulations of most states in India with this solution. Advanced technology that is already being used to help many businesses make an easy transition to RE backs the solution and also promises energy cost savings. With Green Touch, you get to turn on the #GreenSwitch by choosing your best pick for meeting your green requirements.


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My Green

My Green consists of onsite solar solutions that can maximize power costs savings by utilizing unused plant space, including rooftops. With a green quotient of about 5%, this is a suitable solution for businesses just getting started on their #GreenJourney. It proves to be very cost-effective and benefits from compliance policies and regulations present in all states. With the use of well-developed technology, My Green is an easy win and can be the right first step towards making your contribution to a green and sustainable future for your business.


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