At ReNew, we believe that each individual is unique, and we respect and value these differences. We hire people from all regions, geographies, languages, backgrounds, cultures, gender and age groups fostering a truly inclusive environment at work. We are committed to accelerating progress, generating equitable outcomes, and ensuring our culture is supportive for everyone. We demonstrate equality and integrity in our growth as a responsible company for all.

Vaishali Nigam Sinha

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

A message from our Chair, ReNew Foundation and Chief Sustainability and CSR Officer

At ReNew, we embrace and celebrate our differences by welcoming people from diverse backgrounds and promoting an inclusive work environment. Our workforce includes people from different cultures, regions, nationalities, gender and age groups.

From local talent in regional offices to global experts in our corporate office, from a young enthusiastic Gen Y to a seasoned professional – our diverse workforce has helped us create an environment of innovation and creativity. They have helped us remain ahead of the curve by being curious, exploring various perspectives, asking non-conformist questions and suggesting unique solutions.

We have launched several programs focused on valuing and utilizing the diversity of each employee to create an inclusive work culture in which people can give their best.

For example, Recruit Her is focused on hiring women at middle & senior management positions, while Power of W  is a platform for women employees from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and support each other. Similarly, Global Green Scholars Program provides opportunity to international students to work in India and learn more about our renewable industry. Our engagement initiatives are focused on creating opportunities for employees from different regions and nationalities to interact and learn from each other. We also organize regular policy-awareness sessions for all employees. Other programs like The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women and ReWIN are also aligned with our overall objective of creating value by bringing together a diverse group of people, and making them work as one team.

While we are happy with the progress made so far, we realize that we must remain committed towards continuing on this journey and fostering a robust culture of diversity and inclusion at our company.



Power of “W”

One of our flagship initiatives, Power of W, was launched on November 25, 2016. It is a forum of the women, by the women and for the women. This initiative came into being with the core objective of establishing a diverse and inclusive work environment at ReNew. This initiative provides an opportunity to

  • Engage: Engage with women employees
  • Enhance: Enhance their skills according to the opportunities
  • Empower: Empower them to become leaders
  • Enable: Enable them to lead by examples and inspire others

To make the initiative more effective, a committee has been created that focuses on issues affecting women. This committee strives to ensure a diverse, gender equal workplace where women employees can learn and grow at an equal pace and with equal opportunities as their male counterparts. The Power of W committee ensures this through skill development sessions, career counselling, health and wellness camps and guest lectures from external speakers who are role models.

There are 3 pillars of this initiative – Attract, Retain and Develop.



The UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEP) were launched in 2010 by UNGC and UN Women. These principles guide businesses on how to promote gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. In April 2020, ReNew adopted the UN Women Empowerment Principles.

As a first step, we undertook a Gender Gap Analysis Survey that assesses the company’s current gender equality performance and identifies the actions that need to be taken. These principles continue to guide our work in the area of diversity and inclusion.

We believe that we have come a long way in implementing some policies and practices which promote gender equality, however, there are opportunities to further strengthen our practices to become a gender equal workplace and we remain committed to implementing these principles.