Throughout ReNew you’ll find a culture of collaboration, commitment and caring for community and this spieit is reflected best through ReeJoys- the engagement arm of ReNew. At ReeJoys we believe in working hard and playing hard — and know the value of a good work-life balance. We are committed to creating more joy at work and enhancing ways to connect with the self. At ReNew, we have always followed an employee first strategy and believed that our people are our most valuable asset. We have a vibrant round the year calendar of employee engagement activities, drawn up by REEJOYS basis feedback from all ReNewers. REEJOYS is designed to be FOR, OF and BY ReNewers, and is driven and closely monitored by the top management, who in turn are assisted by enthusiastic SPOCS in every department. REEJOYS endeavors to bring about elements of fun and imagination at the workplace, and bind together ReNewers spread across different geographies. Activities can be bucketed under four broad heads:

1) Social – Fun get togethers on festivals, sports events etc.
2) Intellectual – Learning sessions conducted by experts on topics of interest, not necessarily work related
3) Health & Fitness – Yoga, Zumba, Diet tips etc. and
4) Individual Social Responsibility – employees volunteering for community welfare activities. Team ReeJoys is committed to creating consistently exceptional experiences for employees and enable them to actively engage not only with each other but also with our stakeholders and communities.

Intellectual Stimulation For ReNewers

Grey Matters

Intellectually stimulating experiences are a key reason for the charged up and ‘ready to take on challenges’ attitude among ReNewers! Be it through exposure to thought leader talks, getting managers to challenge their core teams beyond their regular work and becoming the harbingers of innovation, elevated performance and engaging teams better, or by brainstorming over industry trends and future perspectives at a town hall meet with our CEO. ReNewers are given ample opportunities to push their thinking beyond the status quo and challenge their own limits at work continually.
Making Social Gatherings Fun For ReNewers

Fun at Work and Beyond!

We try to create an enjoyable atmosphere where our employees love every moment they spend at work and can feel comfortable, express themselves, and collaborate not just with other ReNewers, but also with the community at large.
ReNewers Decide

ReNewers are empowered to exercise their choice. Be it for voting for the awardee, their holiday calendar for the year or meeting room names in the new office!

Passion Beyond ReNew for ReNewers
We at ReNew are passionate about not just the work that our ReNewers do, but we also encourage them to live their passions beyond work.

The ReNew Connect
We at ReNew are focussed on staying in touch with each other and a regular exchange of ideas and thoughts. This is the spirit behind organizing a host of meet ups branded as ReNew Connect. Through such meets, typically organized over lunches and dinners (sometimes with families) we enable catch ups in an informal atmosphere marked by the leadership expressing gratitude for ReNewers contributions and having candid discussions on varied topics.



Engaging With Self And Others In A Fun Filled Way Through

Providing intellectual stimulation to ReNewers

Making social gatherings fun and inclusive for ReNewers

Focussing on a culture of physical and emotional well being of ReNewers