We give precedence to making things easier for ReNewers through fun and create an atmosphere where ReNewers can feel comfortable, express themselves, and collaborate not just with other ReNewers, but also with the community at large.

ReNewers Decide
ReNewers are empowered to exercise their choice. Be it for voting for the awardee, their holiday calendar for the year or meeting room names in the new office!

Annual award winners voted by ReNewers

Holiday calendar for the year decided by ReNewers voting

ReNewers anonymous feedback

Meeting room names decided by voting

Community Connect with ReNewers
Beyond just raising cause awareness, we’re dedicated to developing meaningful charitable partnerships and creating volunteer experiences for our ReNewers to support the communities we work and belong to.

Planting trees on birthday of employees

Gifting warmth by ReNewers

ReNewers anonymous feedback

Passion Beyond ReNew for ReNewers
We at ReNew are passionate about not just the work that our ReNewers do, but we also encourage them to live their passions beyond work

Reflexing your writing skills muscle for our Newsletter


Award for the ReNewer who has shown Passion Beyond ReNew

ReNewers showing their talent

The ReNew Connect
We at ReNew are focussed on putting ReNewers above others in our approach towards having a ReNew connect.
We show gratitude towards their contributions, connect with them over lunches and even have our ReNewers family members connect with each other

Shifting to a new office for more space


Connecting with each other on ReNewers’ Day

Lunches with the CEO

Bamboo pots gifting to ReNewers

Festival celebrations- Desk decoration contest by ReNewers


Watching cricket match with the CEO

Fun at the Gala Dinner

ReNewers’ Kids at Work Day

Family dinner with site employees