Strong Leadership Team


“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker
We are defined by a highly experienced and distinguished top management who believe in an open door policy and promote a culture of meritocracy across all levels. Our leaders are well respected for their knowledge and expertise in this sector.

Growth That Matters

Have you thought about being in a growing business which is sustainable, environment friendly, community driven and accounts for economic welfare?
Well, ReNew Power has all the right ingredients and provides you the opportunity to contribute to the society at large.
The clean energy generated helps in offsetting our carbon footprints and provides electricity to millions of households. We have bridged the gap with rural villages by building roads which connects the far flung areas and give employment opportunities to local people.


Fast Forward Career


We take pride in being the leader in a sunrise industry which is witnessing an unprecedented growth. The pace with which our business has grown is reflected with the way our people have grown both laterally and vertically.
The ReNewers are a brand by themselves and are the ones who exude confidence and are ready to take up challenges and deliver on the same.
We provide an accelerated career growth chart which is synonymous to company’s growth plan. Over the years, we have redefined every individual’s roles and encouraged them to handle enhanced responsibilities.

Diversity & Inclusion

Working with people from diverse backgrounds and following the philosophy of inclusiveness is at the core of ReNew Power.
We are proud of the fact we have representation from maximum number of Indian states. Also our workforce is of varied age group segment and we boast of having a fair gender ratio in the industry.


Our Benefits


We know benefits play an important role in your choice of an employer. That is why our goal is to empower you with resources, incentives and flexibility to let you succeed on the job and live a healthy and balanced life.
Benefits range from having the competitive salaries, annual bonuses, customary benefits to medical insurance coverage, group term accident and life insurance schemes. We are among the best in the industry to have a flexible working policy which helps in maintaining a healthy work life balance.
Also, we invest a lot in mentoring and training so that it enables to enable you to take enhanced roles and responsibilities.

Give Fuel to Your Ideas

In this ever changing world where staying ahead of the competition becomes crucial factor for success, we recognise the essence of creating and innovating something new every day. That is why we encourage ReNewers to share their thoughts and cross-pollinate ideas. Group engagement forums are formed to involve ReNewers from across levels and departments to come forward and share their thoughts.