Lighting Lives

ReNew Power, as part of its Corporate Citizenship, is committed to improving the quality of life in rural India. Lighting lives is an initiative which focuses on creating a holistic development model by ensuring access to energy/electricity through renewable energy sources. Under lighting lives, the concept of SVARG (Smart Village Adopted by ReNew Group) was developed as a tool towards development based on promoting energy sovereignty by adopting renewable & clean energy as the driver for development.

Community-based water management

A Community-Corporate (CC) based partnership to address the need for ensuring access to quality drinking water by the establishment of water filtration units in community and schools. ReNew has installed 41 water RO units/ATMs across its project sites with a focus on schools for providing clean drinking water.

ReWIN-ReNew Women India Initiative

ReNew Women India Initiative (ReWIN)

A socio-economic empowerment programme to encourage rural women to become entrepreneurs through the Self Help Group model which creates additional employment opportunities for them.


An innovative rural community centre focusing on improving education using technology for quality education for children and youth. ReNew Power has established an Edu-Hub in the village of Paniyara as part of its Smart Village Initiative which is catering to the educational, entrepreneurial, and sports development needs of the community.

ReNew Power CSR
renew power scholarship

ReNew Scholarship for Exceptional Talent (ReSET)

A programme to identify talent from under privileged sections and provide a platform to develop their academic and extracurricular talent, with special emphasis placed on female children. Under this, 40 underprivileged squash prodigies are being trained by India ranked squash player and Mr David Palmer, former world no. 1, squash champion.