At ReNew, we believe that each individual is unique, and we respect and value these differences. We hire people from all regions, geographies, languages, backgrounds, cultures, gender and age groups fostering inclusion for all. We are committed to accelerate progress, generate equitable outcomes, and to ensure our culture is supportive for everyone. We demonstrate equality and integrity in our growth as a responsible company for all.

  • GENDER – Equal Opportunities
  • GEOGRAPHIES – Across boundaries
  • CULTURE – Multilinguistic
  • AGE GROUPS – Millennials,Gen Y and Gen X

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Our commitment to diversity & inclusion:

A message from our Chief Sustainability, CSR and Communications Officer

At ReNew Power, we embrace and celebrate our differences by welcoming people from diverse backgrounds and promoting an inclusive work environment. Our workforce includes people from different cultures, regions, nationalities, age-groups and gender.

From local talent in regional offices to global experts in Corporate Office, from young enthusiastic Gen Y to seasoned professionals – our diverse workforce has helped us create an environment of innovation and creativity. They have helped us remain ahead of the curve by being curious, asking non-conformist questions and suggesting unique solutions.

We have launched several programs focused on valuing and utilizing the diversity of each employee, and to create an inclusive work culture in which people can perform at optimum capacity.

For example, Recruit Her is focused on hiring women at middle & senior management positions, while Power of W is a platform for women employees from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and support each-other. Similarly, Global Green Scholars provides opportunity to international students to work in India and learn more about the renewable industry here. Our engagement initiatives are focused to create opportunities for employees from different regions and nationalities to interact and learn from each other. We also organize regular policy-awareness sessions for all employees. Other programs like Vedica Scholars and ReWIN are also aligned to our overall objective of creating value by bringing together a diverse group of people, and making them work as one team.

While we are proud of our progress and accomplishments, we realize that we must remain committed towards continuing on this journey and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion at our company.

Vaishali Nigam Sinha


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POWER of “W”

Power of “W” was formed in 2016 to bring a positive change in the workplace environment so that both men and women are encouraged to work together, recognize & appreciate each other’s contributions, and demonstrate skills & talent to make Renew a better place. Diversity & Inclusion are values deeply entrenched in our organizational DNA, making it a holistic workplace for all.

PoW committee comprises of women members, with Vaishali Sinha as the Chairperson. This committee helps in driving women specific initiatives and establishing the gender diversity roadmap in the organization.


Policy Awareness

Policy Awareness

ReNew conducts regular policy awareness sessions for all its employees – both men and women. Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy was introduced in 2016 and regular awareness sessions are being conducted for all employees.



External speakers are regularly invited to speak on a wide range of topics around women empowerment, professional challenges and roles in their careers.


Recruit HER

As part of this initiative, dedicated efforts are taken towards hiring women, especially at middle and senior management levels to create a diverse workforce. Special interventions are taken to eliminate any biases at the workplace against hiring women for specific roles.



Under the umbrella of ReNew India Initiative, ReNew Women India Initiative (ReWIN) is working towards socio-economic empowerment of rural women. It encourages women to become entrepreneurs through Self Help Group model and enhances employment opportunities for them.


Global Green Scholars

This program was launched in 2017 to attract bright and passionate talent from top universities across US, with a keen interest in renewable energy and sustainability. Aimed at promoting diversity and exchange of ideas, the program is designed for students with stellar academic and co-curricular record. We recruit both graduate and undergraduate students from top universities like Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Wellesley College, University of Maryland and University of Michigan. The scholars undergo an 8-10 weeks summer internship program.

Vedica Scholars

Vedica Scholars

ReNew has been associated with Vedica Scholars Program since 2016. Every year, a woman scholar joins us for a 1-month ‘Shadow a Woman CEO’ program, wherein they work closely with our Chief Sustainability, CSR and Communications Officer, Vaishali Nigam Sinha. The scholar gets an opportunity to participate in strategic meetings, work on projects and observe the leader’s daily schedule. The program provides the scholars an opportunity to broaden their perspective, build social capital, learn to navigate through the organisation more strategically, and muster up the confidence to ‘lean in’ and speak up when it matters most.



  • Deepa“I have now spent close to 3 years at ReNew Power and it has been a wonderful journey. ReNew has provided me ample opportunities to learn and grow professionally. ReNew Power definitely walks the talk when it comes to woman equality and empowerment. I am glad to be a part of such an awesome organization.”

    Deepa Rani
  • Vishwanath“I have been with ReNew Power for 4 years now and it has been an amazing journey so far. Being a part of the Execution Support team, I interact with all business verticals in the company including Wind, Solar, Offtake, Rooftop Solar, Finance & Legal, HR, CSR and Corporate Communications. My most memorable project so far has been the implementation of Ittigi 50 MW solar project. As part of this, I had to work closely with an interesting blend of employees – from senior leaders heading business functions right down to on site junior staff responsible for day to day tasks. This interaction with people from very different backgrounds has taught me a lot and widened my horizons. I am fortunate to have been enriched by inputs from a wide cross section of colleagues across levels – certainly the highlight of my journey thus far with ReNew. I am thankful to the management team and all my colleagues for creating a wonderful work environment at ReNew Power”.

    KS Viswanth