Dry Ration Distribution

Being a responsible organisation, we are not only devoted to taking care of our employees, but we are always there to help our society as well. With an intent to safeguard the right to live with dignity and let people have access to essential things in the difficult times, we reached out to such people in need. As a leader in the renewable energy sector, ReNew has actively contributed towards combating COVID 19 pandemic in India.

In partnership with local administration, we distributed dry ration packets in local communities around some of our sites in the states of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Gujarat.

Till 28th April 2020, our teams distributed 15584 packets of dry ration in the local community across 31 sites, ensuring at least availability of 1 month of ration for an individual family. State-wise details are as follows:

S. No State No. of sites No. Of packets distributed
1. Andhra Pradesh 2 2079
2. Gujarat 8 3900
3. Karnataka 3 800
4. Madhya Pradesh 7 1070
5. Maharashtra 1 580
6. Rajasthan 4 3380
7. Tamil Nadu 1 2000
8. Telangana 5 1775
Total 31 15584


Amba Site_Photos1
At Jasdan
At Kutch
At Kushtagi