“Over the last 8 weeks, I have had the chance to learn the fundamentals of the renewable energy sector, study successful international expansion strategy and analyze global renewable energy markets.”

Benjamin FinchPrinceton University

“It was an enriching experience to meet and interact with C-level teams and board members.”

Aldis ElfarsdottirHarvard University

“Having had a chance to work on an M&A transaction through its entire lifecycle, the most interesting and eye-opening part of the internship was seeing the many factors and elements that can cause a shift or a chance from the initial valuation to the final bridged valuation.”

Daniel HarrichColumbia University

“The amount of time invested by the company to make us feel welcomed and understand the nuances of the industry was overwhelming. Being able to see how top decisions are made expanded my perspective. It energized and incentivized me to work harder on my projects.l project, with guidance from my mentor and other team members.”

Kelly ZimmerhanzelWellesley College

“ReNew is an exciting company at the forefront of the renewable energy sector. They did an excellent job making a remote internship as immersive as possible.”

Jonathan LesserColumbia University

“I was entrusted to work independently on pivotal project, with guidance from my mentor and other team members.”

Eva PaulColumbia University

“Princeton University amazing experience. ReNew has focussed on policy, technology and finance areas with its projects assigned to the interns.”

Masi NagdeePrinceton University

“The Global Green Scholars Program gave me the opportunity to work oSince I came to ReNew Power I’ve learned how to model financial and risk scenarios for solar and wind projects.”

Isabelle BrognaUniversity of Michigan

“I have had the chance to understand the industry, work on a live project and also learn about upcoming technology.”

Nuthalapati Surya VarmaIIM Calcutta (Class of 2021)

“I was able to apply the theoretical concepts of the classroom to practical projects and real-time scenarios.”

Madhurika GoyalIIM Ahmedabad (Class of 2021)