“I have been with ReNew Power for 4 years now and it has been an amazing journey so far. Being a part of the Execution Support team, I interact with all business verticals in the company including Wind, Solar, Offtake, Rooftop Solar, Finance & Legal, HR, CSR and Corporate Communications. My most memorable project so far has been the implementation of Ittigi 50 MW solar project. As part of this, I had to work closely with an interesting blend of employees – from senior leaders heading business functions right down to on site junior staff responsible for day to day tasks. This interaction with people from very different backgrounds has taught me a lot and widened my horizons. I am fortunate to have been enriched by inputs from a wide cross section of colleagues across levels – certainly the highlight of my journey thus far with ReNew. I am thankful to the management team and all my colleagues for creating a wonderful work environment at ReNew Power.”