“In ReNew, we see a bigger picture. ReNewers believe in daily hard work & thriving on challenges rather than the results.”

Raviteja MedapatiMDI, Gurgaon (Class of 2018)

“Very friendly atmosphere where we can talk to literally anyone, thereby learning to take initiatives as well as be responsible for them.”

Shubradeep SahaIIM-Calcutta (Class of 2018)

“It’s an organization with huge repository of knowledge and always ready to share it.”

Gourav MundhraMDI, Gurgaon (Class of 2018)

“3 words that define ReNewers are PIE: Passion, Innovation & Excellence.”

Surbhi SoniMDI, Gurgaon (Class of 2018)

“ReNewers don’t preach, they demonstrate.”

Vivek VelagalacIIM-Bangalore (Class of 2018)

“Learning experience with brilliant and approachable people; especially loved the site visits.”

Sahil SirohiFMS, Delhi (Class of 2018)