More than a year has passed since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. This has impacted everyone individual and businesses across the board leading to transformational change in the work cultures. Given this, ReNew also switched to working from home for its workforce.

At the same time, to ensure business continuity, the leadership team at ReNew recognized the need to develop a strategic and operational framework to actively increase corporate resilience and ensuring the safety of its employees. To take this forward, multiple initiatives were rolled out by ReNew for its employees and their families.


Social Impact Ensured employee well-being through 100% COVID preparedness verified by external third party
Provision of necessary equipment and paraphernalia to the employees to always ensure maximum protection
Arrangement of medical facilities including hospital tie-ups and coordination with plasma centers to support any employee contingencies
Established 24×7 availability of online consultation with doctors. About 150 employees and their family members benefited from this service and tied-up with FamPhy & Healthians
Over 5,000 RTPCR tests were done for employees and their families
Vaccination drives conducted for nearly 1,300 employees and their families
Economic Impact Implementation of business continuity plan to ensure sites are operational