At ReNew, we are accelerating India’s transition away from fossil fuels to a clean energy driven growth model. At the same time, we are also striving to positively transform lives in marginalized communities through our CSR initiatives such as Lighting Lives, ReNew Women India Initiative (ReWIN), Edu Hub, etc. These activities are aimed at empowering communities and especially women and youth so that they are economically independent and can lead a quality life. This is a reflection of our responsible corporate ethos and our desire to give back. With sharp vision, robust network of partners and a sound strategy for onground implementation, we are determined to make a strong impact through our CSR initiatives.



My life was transformed by the ReWIN initiative, as the initiative gave me the training needed to scale up my tailoring business for a steady income. I learnt the tricks of business and managed my finances better as a result of this, and I was ultimately awarded Rs 1 lakh as seed fund to set up and expand my garment business. With just a sewing machine to start with, I am thankful to ReNew for being the turning point in my life, as it has empowered me to empower other women like me.

-Sangeeta Nandikol, Jath



As an old widow, things were difficult for me. I lived in darkness throughout my life, and on top of that with poor eyesight, I had to come home early after working as a maid in just two houses, and rely on expensive kerosene lamps at my own house. With ReNew bringing the community micro-grid here, I am able to work longer hours and save money spent on kerosene. I can work at more houses as well, and can support my family. I will always be grateful to ReNew for truly bringing light in my life.

-Radha Rajbhar, Paniyara



I had a very tough time supporting my family after my husband passed away. I had to walk long distances to procure water for my family and to irrigate the agricultural land we owned. This denied me the time and opportunity to have a sustained income flow. When ReNew constructed these taankas, my life changed completely, as now I had more time in my hand as procuring water became easier and quicker. It also helped improve the health and sanitation of my family. I am thankful to ReNew, the Village Development Committees and Self Help groups, which have provided me with the training and means to support my family.

-Bhanvari Devi, Rajasthan



Despite coming from a humble background with my father being a farmer, I had big dreams. However, I was not allowed to go far away from the village to join skill development courses and actually pursue my dreams. Thanks to ReNew’s Eduhub, I was able to become digital-literate and I actually got access to a government certified computer course which I completed. ReNew has given me the wings to pursue my ambition and I will always remember the support I got for my higher education and career development

-Divya Pandey, Paniyara

Determined to be educated and successful, I was one of the girls who came forward to demand education for girls in the village. I was very grateful that these demands came to fruition as I was able to enrol in classes at the Eduhub, and learn the basics of computer, internet, and email, word, PowerPoint and excel, and enhance my digital literacy. This 3-month course changed my life as I was able to get a job interview because of the education and learning I got, along with the computer skills, and convert the interview into an actual job in Bhopal. I am thankful to ReNew and the supporting NGOs who helped me achieve my ambition.

-Nikki Parmar, Hullpur