A Message From Our CMD – Sumant Sinha

“COVID 19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest threat ever posed to humankind. It has wreaked havoc on both human lives and economies the world over and severely jolted the course of our lives. As we battle to arrest the spread of the virus, there is enough evidence that post COVID world will not be the same. We will need to be agile and resilient to adapt to the new normal. The pandemic has dealt a crushing blow to the marginalized communities with loss of income and livelihoods and it is our collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with these sections. It is imperative that we extend them generous support so they can survive with dignity in tough times. ReNew Power stands committed to playing an active part in rebuilding India once the COVID storm has settled. I wish we all are safe and sound wherever we are and emerge out stronger than ever.”


Saluting our Frontline Heroes

We thank some of our frontline heroes at ReNew Power who are tirelessly working every day during the challenging times.

ReNewers at Forefront

Making sure our business continuity is maintained

Be Safe Like Urji

Remember to wash your hands regularly and follow safety guidelines!

ReNew’s Response to COVID 19


Dry Ration Distribution

We are making sure that we are resourceful in this unprecedented time in order to help as many people as we can. We are actively engaged in distributing dry ration to the concerned people who need the most in these times.
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Employee First Strategy at ReNew

Whatever we do, ReNewers are at the heart of our every initiative. Here is an article published on LinkedIn by our Chief Sustainability & CSR Officer, Founding Chair ReNew Foundation – Vaishali Nigam Sinha where she talks about our various in-house initiatives for keeping our employees engaged and positive during the pandemic.
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ReNew in News

Our recent efforts in providing financial aid during COVID 19 have been noticed by media and here we are in news for our work. It is in these times that we should act as a responsible organization and do our bit.
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Do’s and Don’ts to Fight COVID 19 at Workplace

  1. Make sure your workplaces are clean and hygienic
  2. Regularly wipe the surface of desks, tables, telephones and keyboards
  3. Put hand sanitizing dispenser around all the possible places at work
  4. Ensure face masks and paper tissues are available and used time to time
  5. Keep constant communication with employees that they need to stay at home even if they have just mild symptoms of COVID-19
  1. Don’t let visitors from outside come inside your organization
  2. Don’t stand closely, maintain social distancing – stand 1 m away from people while talking
  3. Don’t leave used tissues randomly anywhere, put them in dustbins
  4. Don’t shake hands and hug as a matter of greeting
  5. Say no to non-essential trips

Source: Advisory by WHO and Ministery of Home and Family Welfare