Project Highlight

Size of Project


Annual Electricity Generation

364416 units

CO2 Reduction Annually

230177 Kgs



Project Information

Setup on NxtGen’s new building, the plant comes with in-built grid interactive string inverters to improve efficiency up to 98% and reduce generation losses. Furthermore, ReNew Power’s state-of-the-art remote monitoring solution for the customer allows for monitoring of the plant through mobiles – anywhere and anytime.

ReNew Power is in the process of building many similar power plants with reputed offtakers across India. Full operation and maintenance of these solar plants would be performed by ReNew Solar Services Private Limited (RSSPL).

“At NxtGen, we take great pride in promoting environmentally conscious business practices that not only create healthier, more sustainable work environment, but that also make sound business sense,” He added, “We are very pleased to partner with ReNew Power on our roof-top project. It offers high quality and cost-effective products with excellent services. We’d like to continue our cooperation with ReNew Power in any of our future projects”

Mr A.S. Rajgopal
Managing Director and CEO, NxtGen

“We are pleased to have commissioned this project for NxtGen, which is in line with our highest quality standards and engineering capabilities. This makes NxtGen a trendsetter for other companies in the IT sector. Solar rooftop installations not only help corporates save on cost of power but also enable them to become active participants in reducing their carbon footprint.”

Sumant Sinha
Chairman & CEO, ReNew Power

“By recognizing and seizing the financial gains that solar power can bring to the industry, bold business decision-makers like NxtGen will lead this country into a stronger, cleaner and more secure energy future.”

Ajay Goel
President Solar and Chief of New Businesses