Top 5 things to consider while choosing a solar company

As an organization that has decided to go solar for cleaner, greener, cheaper alternative energy to fulfill your power needs, you have obviously contemplated the various merits & demerits of going solar. While the virtues of going solar are pretty evident to anyone, and it is virtually a no-brainer decision, it is equally critical to look at various other factors that can make your solar journey pleasant. Spending a little more time in choosing your right solar partner can be the big difference between “simply going solar” and “benefiting from going solar without any hassle”.

The following 5 are the most important issues to consider while choosing a solar company.


1. Which Rooftop Solar Model to Choose – Own & Operate or Pay As You Go

The most important decision to take is the one that involves finances. Whether you are willing to make an upfront investment that ensures that you “own your own plant” and incur zero electricity charges later or you are looking for “zero upfront cost, with lower consumption tariff” model, is a critical decision to make. You may choose one of these depending on what suits your business needs most:


CAPEX (Own & Operate)

In this model, you own the plant and generate “free electricity” for your consumption needs. You will be bearing the total installation & procurement cost upfront in this model. The big benefit – the ability to generate and use your own solar power for years to come. The only costs that you incur thereafter are the annual maintenance charges, and that too at a fairly nominal fee.


OPEX (Pay As You Go)

In this model, the solar energy partner takes care of the entire cost of procurement & installation of your solar rooftop plant. The power plant is also maintainedby your solar partner at its own cost. You just need to pay for the actual electricity consumed at a tariff much lower than grid power cost.You can sign contracts for up to 25 years and lock-in electricity costs too. What’s more, after the contract tenure is over, you also have the option of buying the solar rooftop plant at a minimal cost.

ReNew Power, India’s largest renewable energy IPP (Independent Power Producer), provides you the benefit of both options, so that you can choose what you want, while we ensure you get the highest quality plant without a bother.


2. Total Cost of Ownership

Just as an automobile cannot function to its highest capacity without proper servicing, a solar plant also needs to be constantly serviced and maintained. An important aspect to consider while choosing a solar partner is the maintenance costs. These can define what’s leading to savings in energy costs versus what’s can potentially lead to increased profitability for your organization. Maintenance costs are based on two basic aspects:
a. What is the quality of the original equipment used and how likely it is to malfunction
b. How often will the plant need maintenance or replacement of equipment


Quality of Equipment

ReNew Power conforms to the highest quality equipment, manpower and audit processes that ensure there are no power break-downs and resultant loss of production. This helps keep the TCO (total cost of ownership) over the lifetime of your plant low, and more than offsets higher costs incurred for the highest quality equipment or its resultant tariff costs.


Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of a power plant is important to ensure that it’s running smoothly for years to come. This also minimizes accidents due to poor quality equipment and other maintenance issues. This is critical not just for reliability purposes but even for business continuity purposes.


3.Integrated Solution Providervs Aggregators from Multiple Sources

Installing a solar plant is a big and fairly long-term commitment. So, it is crucial to find the right partner who brings not just knowledge but also the capability to manage everything on its own – right from installation to lifelong maintenance – including equipment, manpower and any future technology upgrades.

A good solar partner should have the expertise to manage the entire design, engineering, execution of the plant, right from feasibility study, site assessment, choosing the best solar panels, choosing the right inverter, etc. while installing the plant with the highest precision. Coming to operation & maintenance,

rather than adding responsibility to your facilities or maintenance teams, you should work with someone who takes complete onus of the same.

ReNew Power’s end-to-end plant installation & management approach ensures that clients do not have to grapple with anything including managing financing, designing, installation and maintenance.


4. Service Commitment through constant Monitoring and Audits

Constant monitoring is the key to persistent plant performance. And this monitoring has to be automated to ensure that any discrepancies are alerted in time for them to be taken care of. While a solar plant has no moving parts and is fairly low-maintenance, constant monitoring and servicing is still required to ensure that there is no under-performance or outages due to equipment issues.

ReNew Power has a highly sophisticated remote monitoring system, which not only tracks the plant performance 24×7, but also alerts it to any unforeseen issues before they become problematic.


Expertise and Experience

ReNew Power Ltd. is India’s largest renewable energy company. Since commissioning our first project in 2015, the distributed solar vertical now has over 250 installations adding up to a portfolio of around 120 MW spread over more than 75 cities in 17 States across the country.

ReNew Power currently partner with more than 140 customers including leading enterprises such as, Toyota, Ford, Fiat, The Himalaya Drug Company, J.K. Cement Limited, JK Tyres & Industries Limited, TTK Healthcare Limited, United Breweries Limited, Indian Railways and Airports Authority Of India.

Partner with ReNew Power today to get unflinching life-long service and support backed up with cutting-edge technology that focuses on meeting your long-term power needs.

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