“Practicing gender equality comes with a paradigm shift — the adoption of new mindset by male counterparts. Men should be encouraged to empathize with females and their partners and should be ready to swap roles at times. The need of the hour is to understand that both household and workplace require equal representation of both the genders. The skewed representation at either place will imbalance the scenario. It is high time that we drop our notions of gender stereotypes and rather strike a balance of roles both in household and at work.”

Vaishali Nigam Sinha
Chair, ReNew Foundation and Chief Sustainability and CSR Officer

“Technology always pushes you to be rational. With the help of technology things have become simpler and faster.”

Women in Technology – Women have always been innovative, it is time to champion their efforts in the field of technology.

Pravisha Srivastava
Wind & Solar GM - Asset Management

“My passion for photography has taken me places which have challenged me and helped me grow as a person.”

Women in Creative Spaces – Any form of creativity helps survive even in the face of adversity and is a sign of inner strength.

Shirin Kujur
CSR & Corporate Communications

“Women in the creative spaces need to be more collaborative. You have the power to change the world and let your work create a positive impact.”

Women in Creative Spaces – When I say the word artist don’t always think about a man.

Tripti Charan
Business Excellence – QHSE

“Unless we speak, we cannot expect to be heard! Express without being apologetic.”

Women in Creative Spaces – Showing equality for female artists begins with equal pay cheques.

Malavika Varma
CSR & Corporate Communications

“Men always need not to be need loud to show their power. We are equal and respecting our colleagues irrespective of their gender is a must.”

Kartik Gulati
New Business - International Business & Technology

“With a female colleague around, you never have to worry about things becoming monotonous. They spread positivity and energize the environment.”

Atyant Bhatnagar

“Today, women in sports have become inspirational figures for all of us. I hope to see more women athletes winning medals at Olympics 2020.”

Women in Sport – Everything should be fair in life and sports.

Sonika Jha
Digital Technology

“It is time to smash the stereotypes and embrace different personalities.”

Women at Work – The best thing a woman can do is uplift another woman and make the workplace inclusive for her.

Anu Joshi
Human Resources

“The Supreme Court’s verdict is empowering and it is high time that women officers get their fair share of power and visibility in Army.”

Jaya Prakash
Regional Affairs and Department

“The work of our female employees speaks for itself. There is so much to learn from each one of them.”

Rahul Jain
Technology - International Business

“The game has changed, it is time for men to change their mindsets. We all are equally capable of doing any job.”

Gagan Arora
Human Resources

"Lack of gender diversity is a big blind spot for many organizations. The ability to look at all dimensions of a problem is essential for effective and robust decision-making."

Mayank Bansal
Strategy and Operations - CEO Office

“India Inc is realising that gender equality and diversity makes great sense for business. An imperative.”

Ravi Parmeshwar
Human Resources